altMakerere University Business School (MUBS), a business and management education and training institution in Kampala, today became the 22nd core university member of the Vi network.

Founded in 1991, MUBS prepares its 35,000 students for careers in such fields as accounting, finance, human resources management, and international business. For those who are already at work, MUBS provides programmes that enhance their skills, and enable them to adapt to changing working conditions and challenges.

Negotiations with the university began in 2006, when MUBS Professor Nichodemus Rudaheranwa participated in a Vi workshop on commodities held in Tanzania. Contact with the Vi continued the following year when Rudaheranwa followed UNCTAD’s Course on Key International Economic Issues held in Egypt. Although he later left the university to become adviser for a ministry in another country – crediting his experience with the Vi for “beefing up his CV” --, he handed off the baton to colleague Francis Ejones, who worked tirelessly to bring the membership application to a successful conclusion.

“Francis did not spare any effort to continue pursuing the matter and with the support of the Principal of the university and a dean of one of the faculties, the MUBS decided to apply for the membership,” said Vi Chief, Vlasta Macku.

MUBS has a wide range of programmes covering the major areas of business, as well as some unique areas, such as entrepreneurship and leisure and hospitality. The programmes are market-oriented and provide certificates, undergraduate and graduate diplomas.

MUBS offers Masters programmes in International Business, an MBA from the Faculty of Marketing, and Masters in Economic Policy and Planning, and in Banking and Investment. Also on offer are PhD courses in International Business and Trade. Research areas include competitiveness, international trade, regional integration, and investment law. The university is a member of the Forum of Ugandan Universities on Trade and Economic Research, and is interested in creating a special section dealing with trade and possibly launching a Masters in International Trade and Investment.

Partnering with the Vi are the Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management and the Faculty of Commerce.

MUBS member coordinator, Geoffrey Bakunda, is the Dean of the Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management. Professor Bakunda (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) teaches courses related to Global Marketing Strategy, International Business Operations, Globalization and Environment of International Business, Specialized Market Studies and Multilateral Trading System. His research interests include Globalization, Development strategies, FDI and Trade logistics.

For more information, take a look at MUBS member profile, under "About the Vi", Member Universities.