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altThe Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI), a non-profit, non-political research center focusing on the sustainable growth of private enterprises, has joined the Vi today. Along with the Centre for Policy Dialogue, which joined in December, 2011, BEI is the second think tank to represent Bangladesh in the network.

The mission of the Institute is to promote the creation of an enabling environment in Bangladesh where private enterprises can deliver sustained economic growth and contribute to the prosperity of the population. It focuses on economic competitiveness of industry in Bangladesh, and how national policies (improved technologies and infrastructure, support to SMEs, etc.) and international negotiations (access to markets of developed countries and India, regional and sub-regional cooperation) could support it.

In line with its mission, BEI's research focuses on topics of specific relevance to the business sector. They include investment climate, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, e-governance and e-commerce, competition policy, trade facilitation, SME development, India-Bangladesh relations, and regional integration. BEI has also conducted a number of assessments of administrative barriers faced by local companies, productivity analyses in different industrial sectors, and surveys on issues that are considered of vital importance for the private sector. 

BEI offers training workshops, as well as capacity-building and awareness-raising activities for civil service, media and the private sector in the areas of governance, accountability and transparency; corporate governance; and the multilateral system, among others.

The participation of the Institute in the Vi will be coordinated by Shahab Enam Khan, BEI's Director of Research. Shahab has an MA in International Political Economy and his research interests include trade facilitation, South Asian cooperation and democratic institutions. He will be supported by Sabaah Rab, holder of an MA in Governance and Development, whose areas of specialization are governance, corporate social responsibility and migration.

Through its membership in the Vi, BEI is looking for networking, possible joint projects with other members, and broadening of the Institute's expertise. They are ready to share their very comprehensive knowledge of the private sector in Bangladesh, as well as their experience with skills development and vocational training, and the network of contacts with both civil society and the government in the country.

 For more information, visit BEI's profile on the Vi website.