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altFor the fourth consecutive year, the School of Management of Vi Colombian affiliate member, Universidad Sergio Arboleda, has been selected by the WTO to host its regional trade policy course for Latin America.

The course, attended by 28 participants from Latin American countries, opened March 5 in the presence of a high-level representative of the WTO’s Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation. Twenty-eight resource persons, including experts from the region, will contribute to the training.

The decision to host the course at Universidad Sergio Arboleda will benefit both the university and the country. The university will get an opportunity to further strengthen its institutional capacity on trade issues and reinforce its leading role in this area at the national and regional level. The involvement in the course has already contributed to the university's undergraduate programmes, such as those related to finance and to international trade, as well as its graduate programme in international trade, which is being delivered in cooperation with Georgetown University.

For Colombia, the decision of the WTO comes as recognition of its place as a forum for member states to discuss their trade issues, and highlights Bogota's role as exporter of education and training services.

Among the many factors that were considered fundamental for the selection were the unwavering commitment at all levels of the university - from the rector, the deanship of the School of Management, and the director of the Master’s of International Trade, Vi member coordinator and lead organizer of the WTO course, Ramón Eduardo Guacaneme P.

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