altAfter participating in several Vi videoconferences and study tours as a guest of our Russian members, the North-West Institute has joined the Virtual Institute today, bringing the number of Vi university members in the country to five.

The Institute, located in St. Petersburg, aims to train experts for all levels of public administration in the country - central regional and local - so that they acquire thorough knowledge of economics, law, management, political and social sciences.


To this end, it offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programmes, as well as continuing education - vocational courses for professionals in service. The main programmes offered include International economics, Customs operations, International relations, International finance, and Public administration.

With regard to research, the main focus is on the integration of Russia into the Eurasian Economic Community. Recent research output in this area include papers on innovation policies and on FDI in the framework of Eurasian integration. The Institute has also published articles on the world financial and economic crisis.

Vi's main counterpart at the Institute will be the Department of International and National Economy whose staff consists of 14 academics. The participation of the Institute in the Vi will be coordinated by Elena Zhiryaeva. Holder of a PhD, she is responsible for courses in international economics, international trade activities and trade policy. In her recent research, she focused on the analysis of conditions for international trade activities in special economic zones and the problematique of transport costs in international trade and the possibility for regions to subsidize them. Zhiryaeva will be assisted by her colleague, Tatiana Maksiyanova, a PhD in economics whose main area of interest is the digital economy, e-commerce, use of ICTs in education, technology and innovation, economic history, international economics and macro-economic policies.

The Institute is interested in exchanging experience, curricula, lectures and research publications with other members of the network. Through the Vi, they expect to get access to up-to-date information and literature in the area of international economics and trade, and participate in staff exchanges and international research and educational cooperation.

For more information, take a look at the university profile on the Vi site.