UNCTAD participates in EAFIT conferenceFormer Venezuelan trade negotiator Manuela Tortora, now Chief of UNCTAD's Technical Cooperation Service, will address the IV Congress of International Business, sponsored by Vi university member EAFIT (Colombia) on August 16 and 17 in Medellín.

This year's theme, "Cultural Links and Processes in International Negotiations", intends to increase understanding of the impact of multiculturalism in building consensus during economic negotiations in today's globalized economy.

In Tortora's presentation - "What does it take to be an international negotiator?" - she questions the assumption that to be an effective negotiator it suffices to have diplomatic skills.

"Diplomats used to say that war is too serious a business to be left to the military; you, the students of today, can legitimately say that international economic negotiations are too serious to be left to politicians and diplomats," she says.

In her paper, Tortora explores the two primary aspects of trade negotiations from a historical perspective, dating back to the Uruguay round. The first part of her paper examines the content and scope of multilateral, regional and bilateral negotiations. The second part looks at procedural issues and the relative power of countries in different types of negotiations and the impact of these factors on a successful outcome to negotiations.

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EAFIT IV Congreso de Negocios Internacionales (in Spanish only)