The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (PUJ), one of the oldest universities in Colombia -- founded in 1623 -- today joined the Virtual Institute network, bringing the Colombian membership count to 17.


The Faculty of Economics and Management offers an undergraduate programme in business administration, with courses in international business and Colombian economy, among others, and a very successful graduate programme in International Management, which ranks among the top 200 programmes in this area worldwide. Courses taught at the Master's include international finance, international integration of Colombia, international business, corporate social responsibility, international logistics, and international negotiations.

Under the direction provided by a research committee, the Faculty has established three research groups:

  • Knowledge, Innovation and Competitiveness -- Covering industrial policy, clusters, value chains, innovation systems, internationalization of companies, and technological development;
  • Strategic Management -- Working on corporate social responsibility and organizational change;
  • Financial Risks and Methods of Valuation of Enterprises -- Dealing with financial investment decisions, corporate governance and financial risks.

The cooperation with the Vi will be coordinated by Andres Zapata Eraso, coordinator of the International Business Area of the Department of Business Administration. Teaching courses on international business, globalization, international management, and international marketing, his research areas include competitiveness of enterprises and economic development, and e-business strategies.

PUJ hopes that membership in the Vi will assist the university with staff training, upgrade of academic programmes, provision of information and mentoring.

For more information, visit PUJ's university profile.