Vi hosts study tour for Russian universityThe UNCTAD Virtual Institute organized a half-day information and training session focusing on foreign direct investment and globalization and development strategies, for 12 postgraduate students and professors from St. Petersburg State University.

The study tour, held in Geneva on Wednesday, April 18, was organized in the framework of cooperation between the UNCTAD Virtual Institute and the World Trade Organization's Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation.

The purpose of the half-day session at UNCTAD was to familiarize students of the Masters programme in International Trading System and PhD candidates from the University with UNCTAD and some of its major areas of work.The study tour also provided an opportunity to discuss possible cooperation between the University, namely its Department of the World Economy, and the Virtual Institute.

Manuela Tortora, UNCTAD's Technical Cooperation Chief, informed participants on the origins, mandate and thinking of UNCTAD. Jörg Mayer, from the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies, discussed the importance of balancing policy space with multilateral disciplines. Michael Lim, from the Division of Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development presented UNCTAD's work on investment and Trans-National Corporations. The students were particularly interested in some of the differences between UNCTAD and the WTO and the importance of an organisation like UNCTAD for developing countries.

Participants particularly enjoyed the practical approach of the presenters, and said they appreciated learning from UNCTAD experts who "have applied the theory, and have seen the results."

The documents and presentations, as well as profiles of the presenters and the university are available online.