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The Vi organized a workshop on Post-2015 development policies for 47 participants from core Nepalese member, Mid-Western University, as well as research institutes and national and international NGOs October 30 to November 1. 
Delivered by Rolf Traeger, of UNCTAD's Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes, the workshop was complemented by a policy dialogue on millennium development goals (MDGs) and the least developed countries, attended by 30 participants from government and academia. 

Traeger opened the workshop by presenting the rationale and origins of the MDGs, as well as their structure and background institutional machinery, before moving on to the analysis of their impact and the shortcomings in their formulation and implementation. 
He then focused on the progress toward the MDGs in developing and the least developed countries (LDCs) and particularly in Nepal, and traced the way from MDGs to their successor, the upcoming Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 
The workshop concluded with sessions looking at the post-2015 context for development -- in particular with regard to LDCs – and the domestic and international policies required to address the priority needs of these countries in the area of economic development. 
Group work gave participants the opportunity to discuss measures and policies put in place by Nepal in pursuit of the MDGs, and to present their views on the development priorities for Nepal in the post-2015 context.
“The participants were very well prepared and made valuable contributions to the debate,” Traeger said. “They identified priority sectors and areas for the country in the post-2015 period, such as tourism, energy, migration and remittances.”
Feedback indicates participants found the workshop and the policy dialogue very interesting as they provided an opportunity to learn and share experiences in formulating and implementing development goals. 
“This training was very interactive and insightful for all the participants, who are studying and working in the development field,” concluded Prakash Sharma, Vi member coordinator at Mid-Western University.