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Building knowledge for trade and development


altChad's Université de N'Djaména joined the Virtual Institute today, expanding Vi network membership to 115 institutions from 57 countries. 

We owe the membership to N'Djaména lecturer, Douzounet Mallaye,  who learned about the Vi while pursuing his PhD studies at Cameroonian member university, the Université de Yaoundé II. 
Founded in 1971 under the name of Université du Tchad, the Université de N'Djaména aims at providing high level university education and research to foster the development of the country. 

The Vi will cooperate with the Faculty of Economics and Management (Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion - FASEG), which recently launched a new Master's programme in international economics and trade taught by university staff and local trade practitioners. Among the courses included in this programme are international economic law, financial markets and international trade logistics. The university also offers a Master's in economics and management, delivered by a consortium of universities from the country and region, as well as from several developed countries.   

To undertake research on economic and management-related issues, FASEG has established a Research Centre for Applied Economics and Management (Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherche en Economie Appliquée et Gestion - LAEREAG). Research topics include growth, poverty, trade, environment, natural resources, and entrepreneurship.
The cooperation between the Université de N'Djaména and the Vi will be coordinated by Mallaye, who holds a PhD in Economics and teaches courses on macroeconomics and international economics. His recent research has covered ODA, governance and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa, and oil rent and income inequality in developing countries.
Also involved in the cooperation with the Vi are: Faculty Dean, Hisseine Mahamat Awat, who specializes in development finance and regional integration; Gadom Djal-Gadom, an expert in environmental economics; Djimasra Nodjitidje, coordinator of the Master's programme in international economics and trade, lecturer on microeconomics, industrial economics and transport economics, and researcher on productivity of the cotton sector in African countries; Mahamat Taoufick Djarma, lecturer on international trade and researcher in the area of financial economics; Nadine Mogode Mbaibedje, specializing in environmental economics and sustainable development; Rongar Mbaindignodji, who teaches courses in public finance and economic policies and whose research covers human capital, economic growth and poverty in Chad; Abdel Kader Oumar Abouna, specialized in entrepreneurship and SMEs; Themoi Demsou, interested in quantitative methods and researching determinants of poverty in Chad; and Danna Abba, an expert in quantitative methods and macroeconomics. 
The university expects that the cooperation with the Virtual Institute will enhance its professional capacity and increase the orientation of its research toward trade and development issues, as well as provide new opportunities for South-South and North-South cooperation and mobility of its academic staff.
For more information, visit the university's profile on the Vi website.