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Localisation of Vi training materials gathers paceSeven Vi member universities have made 10 proposals for the localization of training materials. Most proposals are for the localization of the investment and commodities material, with the exception of Colombia's, which also proposes material on negotiations.

Several universities have already expressed interest in localizing other material when it becomes available, notably Tanzania (Regional Trade Agreements) and Ukraine (Transfer of Technology, Trade Data Analysis).

Mauritius proposes to make the Vi's investment material more locally relevant by adding specific examples and data from a national and regional context. The university also offers to undertake interviews which will contribute to a case study for the final module of the material on the interaction between international investment agreements and other areas, such as competition and intellectual property.

A detailed and comprehensive proposal from Senegal intends to localize the teaching material on commodities by, among other things, providing case studies on: the marketing of mangoes from the Casamance region, technological innovation in the Shea butter sector, and a comparison of standards for Senegalese and international commodities.

Universities have also expressed interest in translating material into their own language and adding pedagogical features, such as discussion questions. All current localization projects will begin as of June this year, and be finished within six months of their start date.