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University of Asia and the PacificThe Philippines' University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) today became the Virtual Institute's 118th member. Along with core member, Ateneo de Manila University, UA&P is the second university to represent the country in UNCTAD's programme for academic cooperation.

Interest in Vi membership was sparked when UA&P lecturer, George Manzano participated in the first edition of the Vi online course on trade and poverty in 2012. His cooperation with the Vi continued with his selection as one of the authors of the Vi collection of country case studies on trade and poverty published in 2014. UA&P subsequently hosted a national launch of the book and a related professional development workshop in December 2014. 

Successor of a think tank established in 1967 to conduct research and offer graduate courses in economics and management, UA&P was officially estblished in 1995. Its aspiration is to "form individuals who are professionally competent, creative and enterprising, zealous for the common good, and capable of making free, morally upright choices, and who can thus act as positive agents of change and service to society."

The university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees which include Bachelor's programmes in Economics, Industrial Economics, and Political Economy, as well as Master's programmes in Industrial Economics, Political Economy (with specialization in International Relations and Development), Strategic Business Economics, Applied Business Economics, and Law.

In the area of economics-related research, UA&P issues several regular publications -- "Industry Monitor," which provides reviews and analysis of industry performance, prospects, and competition; "Market Call," a monthly publication with the latest forecasts on the Philippine economy, in particular in relation to capital markets; and "Recent Economic Indicators," which give estimates and forecasts of macroeconomic indicators such as exports, interest rates, exchange rates, and price indices.

The Vi cooperation will be coordinated by Manzano, Vice-Dean of the School of Economics. He holds a PhD in Economics and teaches courses on International Economics. His recent research relates to the non-agricultural sector in prospective free trade agreements by the Philippines and Asia, and to the determinants of export intensity and propensity of Filipino Small and Medium Enterprises. Also involved in the cooperation is Kristine Joy Cruz Martin, who teaches courses on Business Statistics, International Business and Economics. A contributor to "Recent Economic Indicators," she is interested in research related to industrial economics.

UA&P is ready to exchange students and staff, and give Vi members access to research grants. The university hopes that Vi membership will provide access to educational and research resources, as well as opportunities for collaborative research and conferences.

For more information, visit the university profile on the Vi website.