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Burkina Faso's Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) - West Africa and Sahel (Institut Panafricain pour le Développement – Afrique de l’Ouest et Sahel, or IPD-AOS) - today became the Virtual Institute's  58th core university member. IPD-AOS is the third university from the PAID network to join the Vi

Created in 1977, IPD-AOS aims to prepare experts and provide research and advice in the area of regional and rural development, with the final objective of fostering sustainable development of West Africa and Sahel countries. 
The institute offers a range of programmes in the area of development management. These include undergraduate and graduate degrees in regional planning; gender, population and development; and project management; and an undergraduate programme in agriculture and technological innovation.
Among the main IPD-AOS research areas are food security in West Africa, regional planning and development in Africa, and the process of integration of women into economic and social development of their countries. Other areas of work include  finance for development, agriculture and rural development, and SME development.
The cooperation with the Vi will be coordinated by IPD-AOS' director, Fernand Pissang Keller, whose background is in political science, and whose research interests focus on conflict states, use of natural resource rents, and business environment. He will be assisted by five colleagues: Bié Tiono, specialized in regional and national planning, and development theories; Salif Sagnon, in charge of applied statistics courses; Poyouor Honoré Somé, researcher on regional development, migration and remittances, agricultural trade and food security in West Africa; Alain Sissao, a pedagogical counsellor; and Georges Compaoré, researcher on regional development, industrialization, urbanization, and international migration in Burkina Faso.
The institute is ready to share its research, as well as their teaching resources, including those available in e-learning, and to contribute to international publications.
IPD-AOS expects that Vi membership will help acquire methods and tools necessary to enhance their policy-oriented analysis, develop new courses on trade and development, enrich their library, and provide opportunities for staff and student exchanges, professional development, and cooperation with Vi members.
For more information, visit IPD-AOS' profile on the Vi website.