Senegal's Institut Africain des Politiques Commerciales - IAPC (African Trade Policy Institute) joined the Virtual Institute today. 

Established in 2013, IAPC is the third academic institution to represent Senegal in UNCTAD’s programme for academic cooperation. Its objective is to prepare a critical mass of professionals in the area of trade negotiations equipped to help the country and the region use trade as a tool for development.

The institute offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in trade-related areas. Among them are international trade policy and negotiations; law and economics of regional integration; international trade and trade facilitation; trade policy management; and financing of enterprises and trade policy.

Recent research and projects conducted by IAPC staff cover trade-related aspects of the country's development strategy, graduation of the country from the LDC group, trade in services in Economic Partnership Agreements, and the role of the banking sector in financing the development of the country.

The cooperation with the Vi will be coordinated by Fatou Ndao Seck, holder of a Master's degree in international trade policies and negotiations. At IAPC, she contributes to teaching the course on the international trading system.

She will receive support from the president of the institute, Falou Samb, PhD in law and former trade negotiator, who teaches courses on trade negotiations, trade policy, and the international trading system. Also joining is Mamadou Balde, IAPC’s director of studies.

The institute is ready to participate in academic exchanges with other members of the network, and to offer its premises as venue for workshops and seminars in Senegal.

The expect that Vi membership will allow them to enhance the content of their academic programmes, and are interested in taking part in study tours.

For more information, visit IAPC’s profile on the Vi website.