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The Virtual Institute welcomes its 15th member to the networkFounded in 1962, the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane (UEM) of Maputo, Mozambique, is pledged to being an institution of excellence in the context of education, science, culture and technology.

The university offers graduate courses in law, economics, medicine and agronomy, as well as postgraduate courses in international trade law, development economics, managementand information systems.

The Virtual Institute will work closely with the university's faculties of law and economics on the enhancement of their masters and undergraduate programmes.

UEM's Faculty of Law set up a Masters Programme in International Trade Law in 2004 in response to the need for qualified personnel in the government to support and conduct international and regional trade negotiations. The programme targets professionals in service (from government, business sector and law/consultancy firms), and is delivered in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and visiting international professors. The Faculty of Economics offers a Bachelor’s degree in Economics with courses on international trade, international economics and international financial system. The faculty also plans to launch a Masters in Development Economics, to be delivered in cooperation with several universities from abroad (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Portugal). This programme will also cover international trade issues.