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Azerbaijan's Western University (WU) joined the Vi as a second university in the country. Vi's 51st affiliate university member is the second to represent the country in the network, along with core member, Azerbaijan State Economic University.

The university membership came after strong recommendation from Emin Teymurov, formerly delegate in charge of UNCTAD at the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan in Geneva, now working with the Economic Cooperation and Development Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baku.

Founded in 1991, WU is one of the first private higher learning institutions in the country. It aims to contribute to the economic, social and political development of Azerbaijan by preparing graduates who would meet the needs of the country during and after its economic transition.

The university offers a number of degrees in business, economics and international relations, including programmes taught in English. Among them are Bachelor's programmes in economics and finance; Bachelor's and Master's programmes in international economics, international relations, regional studies, business administration, and tourism and hotel management; Master's programmes in banking, insurance, legal regulation of the economy, business management, and tourism economics; and PhD programmes in international economics, regional economy, international relations, and fiscal policy and public finance.

The university established a Research Center on Sustainable Human Development that carries out various research projects, currently in the context of UN post-2015 sustainable development agenda. Among its research topics are new trends in sustainable human development and the monitoring of this process; the impact of natural, economic and social environment on sustainable human development; regional discrepancies in the level of human development; and gender aspects of human development, women empowerment and mainstreaming gender policies in national development strategies.

The main partner of the Vi within the university will be the School of Business Administration. The cooperation will be coordinated by Afag Hasanova, holder of a PhD and a senior lecturer at the School. She teaches courses on international economics, economic integration, international economic relations, international trade, international business management, commercial diplomacy and development economics, and her research interests revolve around macroeconomic policy, SME promotion, microfinance, and international development.

Hasanova will benefit from support of Parviz Gurbanov, also a PhD holder and the Head of the Department of Business Administration. He is responsible for courses on macroeconomics, microeconomics, international trade theory, market structure, SME competitiveness, and managerial economics, and his research is related to global economy, multilateral trading system, international trade, international marketing, and development cooperation.  

The university is ready to contribute its expertise in economic and trade policy to the network, organize international conferences and events, exchange lecturers and students with other members, and donate books published in Azerbaijan to Vi member universities.

They hope that the membership will allow them to get access to information and research resources that will be useful for their academic staff and students, and give them the opportunity to benefit from the exchange of views and best practices with the Vi network of higher learning institutions. 

For more information visit the university profile on the Vi website.


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