altSaid one of the participants at the Vi's joint workshop on trade data and trade policy analysis which ended last Friday in Geneva. The participant was speaking in the final session of the workshop in which policy makers met with researchers to discuss how best to communicate research to policy makers.

From the evaluations received from participants, it can be seen that this is a highly important and relevant topic for researchers (and policy makers) working on trade analysis, and several people suggested that it should be repeated soon: "I want to thank the Vi for this excellent program. If possible it should be replicated in regions to bring more participants", said one researcher and teacher from South Africa.

The 21 participants from 17 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, will primarily use the skills and knowledge they acquired in the workshop for their own research, with the majority also integrating the topic into teaching programs and sharing with colleagues and their institutions, thereby furthering the impact and sustainability of the training.

Several participants also commented that they now feel more encouraged to explore contacts with policy makers and involve policy makers more fully in their research. This was one of the aims of the workshop: not only to provide a technical training in the use of the tools and methods, but also to discuss ways in which reserach could be applied and communicated to policy makers.

A training package bringing together the tools and methods used in the workshop, as well as research papers, links, films and recommendations for researchers and policy makers, is available online.