Workshop on Tools and Methods for Trade and Trade Policy Analysis about to begin in GenevaWith less than three weeks to go until the joint UNCTAD-WTO-ITC workshop on tools and methods for trade and trade policy analysis kicks off, the selection process is complete and registration has now closed. The workshop has been targeted at the Virtual Institute's core constituency of stakeholders: namely higher learning institutions in developing countries who are engaged in teaching and research, and providing policy advice to government.

Twenty-one participants have been selected to attend the workshop in Geneva which takes place from the 11th - 15th September. Geographically the participants represent 15 countries mainly in Africa and Asia, where they work either as teachers and/or researchers in universities or research institutes.

The objectives of the workshop are to familiarise researchers with sources of trade data and analytical modelling techniques, such as partial and general equilibrium models, used, for example, to simulate the effects of a change to a tariff structure. Moreover, the workshop also intends to generate discussion about the uses of such techniques, their application and their limitations, as well as choosing the appropriate methodology for research.

At the end of the week-long workshop, participants will also have an opportunity to discuss with Geneva-based policy makers how to promote and communicate their research to best inform policy decisions.

During the course of the week, participants will discuss how to integrate analytical trade tools and methods into teaching programmes as well as identifying areas for further research. For a copy of the programme please click here. For resources related to this area please see our resources section and the category on trade data and trade policy analysis