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Academics, policymakers and representatives of civil society in developing countries and countries with transition economies involved in research, teaching, policy formulation and implementation, or field work in the area of trade and gender, are invited to apply for participation in the third edition of the Vi online course on trade and gender.

Funded by the Governments of Finland and Sweden, the course is based on Volume 1 of the Vi teaching material on trade and gender. The seven-week course, scheduled January 9 to February 26, 2017, particularly encourages applications from qualified women.

Candidates must hold a Master's degree in Economics, Law, Political Science or related area, and have excellent knowledge of English.
Top course graduates will become part of the UNCTAD trade and gender consultancy roster, and may be considered for future assignments in this area and/or participation in intergovernmental meetings on trade and gender organized by UNCTAD. 
Candidates must complete the online application process, as well as submit a current CV and nomination letter from their institution by November 20.


Yagoub Elryah
#1 Yagoub Elryah 2016-10-26 21:18
This is one of the interesting issues that highlited during the past few years, it starts from us,especially in developing countries like Sudan and African and south American nations.