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Mahatma Ghandhi University, 132nd Vi institutional memberMahatma Gandhi University (MGU), the Virtual Institute's first affiliate institutional member in Rwanda, joined the Vi network today. 

Established in 2014, MGU has a history of research and training with its foundation institution in India and facilitation centers worldwide. The institutional mission of the university is to transform the Rwandan citizen into skilled humans, able to advance the socio-economic development of the country by ensuring equitable access to quality education focusing on combatting illiteracy, promoting information technology, and stimulating critical thinking. 
MGU offers diploma, undergraduate and graduate degrees in management, commerce, international relations, economics, finance, and public administration. Current research conducted by students includes micro-finance in development, women entrepreneurs, regional integration, and the impact colonization heritage has on local development. Additionally, MGU recently launched the Center for Training and Research to provide a venue for innovative research and analysis that contributes to the sustainable development of the country. 
The cooperation between MGU and the Vi will be coordinated by Vince Sinining, Vice Chancellor and Provost. He currently serves as Senior Advisor on Education and Sustainable Development to select Permanent Missions to the United Nations. His background as a senior fellow at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, and research on sustainable development and Small Island Developing States plays an essential role in the development of MGU's research and training. He will be supported by Varun Gupta, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Director of MGU. 
The university hopes to strengthen its training and research programs through its Vi membership. It anticipates learning from members on their best practices and academic curricular ideas related to trade and investment.  The expectation is that Vi membership will provide the university with access to educational and research resources, as well as opportunities for collaborative research and conferences. 
For more information, visit the MGU's profile on the Vi website.