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Universidad Pontificia BolivarianaThe Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) joined the Virtual Institute today. The 19th member from Colombia, UPB's membership extends the Vi's affiliate network to 54 institutions in 19 countries.

Founded in 1936, the university aims to provide comprehensive training for social and human transformation.
UPB offers a four-year programme in International Business Administration, and courses on international trade relations, trade logistics, enterprise competitiveness and foreign direct investment. It also offers double degrees with universities in Milan and Paris, and has a language centrer in Accra, Ghana, to train Colombian diplomats and African government officials.
The School of Economy, Management and Business, publishes the journal "Puente Revista Cientifica." Research topics covered include competition of companies in the era of globalization, regional development, international trade relations between Colombia and the Asian market, and competitiveness of strategic sectors in the region.
The participation of the University in the Vi will be coordinated by Julio Ramírez Montañez, head of the research department at the School of Economy, Management and Business. He will receive support from his colleague, Gladys Mireya Valero Cordoba, head of the school. She teaches courses in competitiveness and productivity, and international business.
UPB expects that Vi membership will provide training opportunities for its lecturers and students, and engage in staff and student exchanges with universities in the Vi network. The university is also interested in identifying and exchanging speakers and guest lecturers for conferences and training programmes. It also proposes to provide Spanish courses for students and staff from Vi member universities.
For more information, visit UPB's profile on the Vi website.