University of Port Harcourt, NigeriaNigeria's University of Port Harcourt (UniPort) in the Virtual Institute today as our 134th member.

Located in the heart of Nigeria's oil industry, the Rivers State, the University of Port Harcourt was founded in 1975 with the aim of enlightening students through training and research to aid in the development of Nigeria.

The university offers a Master's in International Trade and Development, which features courses in econometrics, entrepreneurship, international law, trade negotiations, and history of African trade. The Ph.D. in Trade and Development Finance builds on topics in microeconomics, development economics, international trade, finance, global economy and regional economic integration.

Within the university, the Vi will cooperate with the Institute of International Trade and Development, established in 2010. Research conducted by staff and students has been published in the university's monographs titled '"Global Trade Politics and Development Finance," and the "African Journal of International Trade and Development." Student and staff are currently engaged in research on topics such as globalization, development, international finance, and the economics of trade.

The cooperation between UniPort and the Vi will be coordinated by Professor Augustus N. Gbosi, Director of the Institute of International Trade and Development. Gbosi teaches Master's and Ph.D courses in international trade theory and policy, regional economic integration, trade negotiation, and development finance. His research interests are in trade policy and capacity building in developing countries.

The university expects that the cooperation with the Virtual Institute will help with training and building their research capacity in addressing the deficiencies in trade policies in developing countries. They are also open to exchange programmes with students and staff.

For more information, visit the University of Port Harcourt's profile on the Vi website.