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SUFE president, Fan Liming (left), and UNCTAD Secretary-General, Dr. Mukhisa KituyiIn April of 2017, a delegation of Chinese Vi affiliate member, the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) visited UNCTAD. This is the first visit of high-ranking SUFE officials to UNCTAD since the university became a Vi member in 2010.

The SUFE delegation included Ms. Fan Liming, President; Ms. Liu Liya, Executive Deputy Dean, School of Finance; Mr. Li Hong, Director, International Exchange and Cooperation Office; and Mr. Li Jinsong, Deputy Dean, Graduate School.

On 24 April, the delegation met with the UNCTAD Secretary-General, Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi. President Liming presented the work of the SUFE and emphasized that the University has a strong international component with 1300 foreign students from around 100 countries.

The University has recently inaugurated a new program on international organizations. With the aim of strengthening the new program they are now in the process of searching for partners within international organizations, and UNCTAD is one such possible partner.

Dr. Kituyi thanked the delegation for their visit and interest in UNCTAD’s work. He agreed that the internship program of UNCTAD could be strengthened and this could allow students from the SUFE to have access to the expertise of our organization. The Virtual Institute can play a positive role in that process.

Dr. Kituyi also highlighted that China was a very important Member State of UNCTAD and that the SUFE researchers could enrich our own program of research. One potential area is South-South cooperation where China has a leading role.

On 25 April, the delegation had a meeting with Mr. Igor Paunovic, Officer in Charge of the Virtual Institute, to discuss further cooperation between the SUFE and the Vi. A more detailed description of the activities of the Vi was provided during the meeting. Later, the delegation met with Ms. Elissa Braunstein, Officer in Charge of the Unit on Economic Cooperation and Integration among Developing Countries, and discussed the possibilities of joint research. Finally, the delegation spoke briefly with Mr. Alex Izurieta, in charge of the macroeconomic modelling in UNCTAD.