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Title Created Date Author Hits
Role of ICTs in combating poverty topic of Vi's latest videoconference 25 May 2011 Vi staff Hits: 1733
Scholarship available for postgraduate in Chile 24 May 2011 Vi staff Hits: 1662
Senegalese member kicks off 2011 Vi fellowship programme 16 May 2011 Evelyn Benvenisti and Vlasta Macku Hits: 1940
Vi holds first videoconference on creative economy 09 May 2011 Kevin Jutliah Hits: 1843
Colombian network keeps growing, EAN joins the Vi 28 April 2011 Vlasta Macku Hits: 2019
Azerbaijani Vi member site of WTO Centre 28 April 2011 Azerbaijan State Economic University Hits: 2273
Vi Tanzanian members publish training module 21 April 2011 George Bruno Gandye and Mesia John Ilomo, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Hits: 1958
Russian members complete fourth Vi study tour 18 April 2011 Vi staff Hits: 1842
Vi gains new affiliate, Colombian network grows to 14 18 April 2011 Vlasta Macku Hits: 2096
Call for papers: Financial sector and development 11 April 2011 Sebastian DULLIEN Hits: 1722
Czech university expands Vi network to 34 06 April 2011 Vlasta Macku Hits: 1789
Members from Belarus and Italy publish joint research 29 March 2011 Susana Olivares Hits: 2075
Vi workshop on investment supports AAU's curriculum on investment 28 March 2011 Martha Belete, Addis Ababa University, School of Law Hits: 2162
Japan-funded joint research paper on carbon leakage now online 18 March 2011 Vlasta Macku Hits: 2229
Russian universities join UNCTAD for videoconference on TDR 16 March 2011 Vi staff Hits: 1932
Oil, gas, mining Vi workshop energizes teaching and research in Africa 08 March 2011 Vlasta Macku Hits: 2667
Russian member offers scholarship for summer programme - Deadline April 30 25 February 2011 Olga Y. TROFIMENKO Hits: 3970
Call for papers on LDCs - Deadline: March 23 17 February 2011 Sebastian Dullien, Jan Priewe and Alejandro Marquez, University of Applied Sciences - HTW Berlin Hits: 3092
West Indies university member invites applications to Master's programme 10 February 2011 Neil PAUL Hits: 2638
Vi welcomes new core member: Azerbaijan 18 January 2011 Vlasta Macku Hits: 2705
Latin American integration process analyzed in collection of papers from the Vi network 17 January 2011 Nora Circosta Hits: 2540
SECO project involves three member universities 14 January 2011 Corinne Karlaganis, WTI, and Vu Hoang Nam, FTU Hits: 2826
Swiss member WTI offers discount on courses 14 January 2011 Corinne Karlaganis and Pierre Sauvé, WTI Hits: 2850
Vi publishes second capacity-building study - Focus on LDCs 13 January 2011 Susana Olivares Hits: 2028
Scholarships available for online course - Becas disponibles para curso en línea 12 January 2011 Susana Olivares Hits: 13471
Vi Spanish project resounding success 11 January 2011 Susana Olivares Hits: 2126
Russian students practice debating skills on the international trading system 07 January 2011 Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Hits: 2243
University of Jordan participates in virtual TDR 2010 presentation 27 December 2010 Nora Circosta Hits: 2248
Four Russian universities participate in virtual discussion on WIR 20 December 2010 Hits: 2085
National Latin American workshops focus on trade analysis 12 December 2010 Susana Olivares Hits: 2059