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Title Created Date Author Hits
Vi Spanish project resounding success 11 January 2011 System Administrator Hits: 2358
Russian students practice debating skills on the international trading system 07 January 2011 Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Hits: 2481
University of Jordan participates in virtual TDR 2010 presentation 27 December 2010 Nora Circosta Hits: 2460
Four Russian universities participate in virtual discussion on WIR 20 December 2010 Hits: 2286
National Latin American workshops focus on trade analysis 12 December 2010 System Administrator Hits: 2279
Latin American fellows close the year's Vi fellowship round 10 December 2010 Hits: 3442
New Master's in Oil and Gas launched 09 December 2010 Vi staff Hits: 5321
Brazil videoconference highlights employment and economic recovery 07 December 2010 System Administrator Hits: 1900
Colombian members join in multi-site videoconference on WIR 06 December 2010 Vi staff Hits: 2350
Spain-funded Vi joint project publication now available 26 November 2010 Nora Circosta Hits: 2669
Chilean member offers scholarships for its new Master's programme 25 November 2010 Felipe Muñoz Hits: 2608
Three more members benefit from Vi fellowships 23 November 2010 Hits: 2672
Vi members host national launches of UNCTAD flagship report 18 November 2010 System Administrator Hits: 2988
WTO Chair launched in Mexico 29 October 2010 Perla Buenrostro, ITAM Hits: 2908
Vi Kenyan member launches WTO Chair 27 October 2010 WTO Chairs Programme Hits: 2995
Environment and biodiversity themes of latest Vi study tour 26 October 2010 Hanna Vitikkala Hits: 4447
Low-carbon economies, FDI, topics of Brazil videoconference 13 October 2010 Hits: 2838
Chinese students participate in first Vi study tour 11 October 2010 Nora Circosta Hits: 4034
Vi Russian members link with UNCTAD to discuss TIR 08 October 2010 Vi staff Hits: 3645
Peruvian member launches second edition of Master's 07 October 2010 Alan Fairlie Hits: 2704
Finland stands strong(er) behind the Vi 07 October 2010 System Administrator Hits: 2049
African members may apply for UNCTAD flagship course 07 October 2010 Vi staff Hits: 3265
Ugandan staff equipped with modern teaching methods 06 October 2010 Francis EJONES Hits: 3002
Fourth Brazilian institution joins the Vi 05 October 2010 Vlasta Macku Hits: 2150
Vietnam member announces conference and call for papers 01 October 2010 Hoang Nam VU Hits: 6644
Lectures in Uganda and Tanzania share secrets of China’s steady growth 29 September 2010 Francis EJONES and George GANDYE Hits: 2754
Vi Uruguayan member gets training on trade policy analysis 30 August 2010 Vi staff Hits: 17441
Vi member again hosts national launch of UNCTAD's WIR 09 August 2010 System Administrator Hits: 2153
Natural resources for development subject of latest Vi workshop 27 July 2010 Hits: 17136
New videos: Food security and trade in Latin America (Spanish) 23 July 2010 Alan Fairlie Hits: 3443