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    Trade and Poverty Paper Series No.1. Transformative Regionalism, Trade and Challenge of Poverty Reduction in Africa (English)
    Report by Osakwe, Patrick/UNCTAD, 2015, 23 pages
    Categories: Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements, Trade and Poverty

    The report argues that making regional integration work for Africa requires that African governments change their approach to economic integration and in particular shift emphasis from the current model of integration, which focuses mostly on trade reforms and processes and institutions of integration, to an alternative approach—Transformative Regionalism—in which regional integration promotes and also ensures progress in building productive capacities and achieving structural transformation for sustained development. This paper provides a framework for Transformative Regionalism, examines how it differs from the integration frameworks and strategies of African regional economic communities, and then discusses how to foster it in Africa. Therefore it is an interesting reading as it brings into focus new ideas in terms of development strategies and poverty reduction in Africa.