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          Une collaboration entre l'université et les décideurs - Linking university with decision makers in Senegal (French)
          Interview by ALD/OF, 2005
          Categories: Trade Related Capacity Building

          Highlights of an interview (in French) given by the Vi coordinator at the University of Dakar, Aly Mbaye, on the occasion of the Days of the Senegalese Economy organized by the Centre for Applied Economic Research (CREA) that he is heading. The interview advocates for a strong relation between university research and the decision-making processes, in particular in the context of increasing globalization of the world economy. Aly Mbaye argues that such cooperation is mutually beneficial - researchers can access empirical information that they can use in their work, and test working hypotheses, and policy makers benefit from research outputs to underpin their policy decisions. CREA intends to strengthen its communication and collaboration with decision makers. To support the government, the University of Dakar plans to open a graduate programme in international negotiations and economic diplomacy.