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          Exports of services and economic growth in developing countries (English)
          Report by Alberto Gabriele, UNCTAD, 2004, 45 pages
          Categories: Trade Policy Analysis and Trade Data Sources

          What: This paper illustrates the main trends in international trade in services during the last two decades of the last century, and explores quantitatively the nexus between GDP growth and exports of services, focusing particularly on developing and transition countries. Who: Relevant for anyone studying or teaching exports in services in developing countries and in economies in transition. How: Can be used as a background reading on international trade on services in developing countries. The paper uses several data and provides a number of reference materials.

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          Subsidies to services sectors: a neo-protectionist distortion or a useful development tool (English)
          Report by Alberto Gabriele, UNCTAD, 2003, 43 pages
          Categories: WTO Issues/Multilateral Trading System

          What: Key document that examines from a conceptual and policy economy point of view the consequences of subsidies in services trade. It also presents a quantitative analysis of the effects of subsidies and the risks and opportunities for developing countries. Who: Essential document for a research or for further reading for students. How: Provides a high quality analysis based on conceptual and policy economy implications.