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          Exchange Rates, International Trade and Trade Policies (English)
          Article by Alessandro Nicita, 2013, 30 pages
          Categories: Macroeconomic Policy, Trade Policy Analysis and Trade Data Sources

          This paper analyses the impact that exchange rate volatility and misalignment have on trade and whether exchange rate misalignments affect governments’ decisions on trade policies. It also shows that trade policy is used to compensate for some of the consequences of an overvalued currency, especially anti-dumping.

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          Measuring the Relative Strenght of Preferential Market Access (English)
          Discussion paper by Alessandro Nicita, 2011, 29 pages
          Categories: Trade Policy Analysis and Trade Data Sources

          This paper provides two new indices aimed to assessing the value of preferential margin to calculate the strength of existing or future trade agreements and the preference erosion that third parties trade agreements may cause. The first index is the Relative Preferential Margin (RPM) and measures the relative value of preferential regimes on actual exports flows. The second index is the Potential Preferential Margin (PPM) and measures the potential value of the preferential regime. Finally, it also provides changes in these indices both for members and non-members consequent to the implementation of an FTA among East Asian countries. The results point to a large variance of benefit and losses.