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          UNCTAD X High-level Round Table on Trade and Development: Directions for the Twenty-first Century: Economic Dependence on Commodities (English)
          Discussion paper by Alfred Maizels, Oxford University, United Kingdom/ UNCTAD, 2000, 20 pages
          Categories: Commodities, Globalization and Development Strategies

          What: Most of the population in developing countries depends on the production and export of primary commodities. Commodity prices fell sharply in the early 1980s, and have remained at depressed levels since then, leading to a huge trade loss. This has been a major factor in the large rise in the foreign debt of commodity-exporting countries. The paper argues that these problems of developing countries have received little, if any, attention in international forums for the past two decades. It aims to reverse this trend by examining various measures for each type of price problem. Who: For teachers, students and researchers studying developing countries economic dependence on primary commodities exports and price changes. How: Can be used as a background reading on international primary commodity price fluctuations and the effects on developing economies.