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          Commentary on the financial stability forum's report of the working group on capital flows (English)
          Discussion Paper by Andrew Cornford, 2000, 20 pages
          Categories: International Financial System

          What: A G-24 discussion paper on the threat to the gains of a liberal financial system by instability of capital flows. Focuses on possible changes in practices of recipient countries and how to manage risk and build institutional capacity. Who: Of interest to anyone looking critically at the subject of capital markets. How: Could be used to conduct a short analysis based on a working group's conclusions on capital flows.

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          Variable Geometry for the WTO: Concepts and Precedents (English)
          Discussion paper by Andrew Cornford, 2004, 21 pages
          Categories: WTO Issues/Multilateral Trading System

          What: this discussion paper provides detailed review of the concpet and history of variable geometry at the WTO - that is the WTO as an umbrella framework for different arrangements that wouldn't require the signature of all members.It also takes a preliminary look at what a framework of variable geometry might involve and considers some of the benefits and problems likely to be associated with a multi-tier WTO. Who: of interest to anyone involved in researching (or negotiating) WTO issues and regional integration.

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          The WTO negotiations on financial services: Current issues and future directions (English)
          Discussion Paper by Andrew Cornford, 2004, 29 pages
          Categories: WTO Issues/Multilateral Trading System

          What: A descriptive discussion paper that presents main issues of financial services negotiations: special and differential measures, laws and regulations, international capital movements and financial instability. Who: Anyone researching or teaching WTO negotiations or services liberalization. How: This discussion paper gives a historical background on financial services negotiations and contains a list of useful references.