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          Principles for TNC-SME cooperation: The experiences of UNILEVER (English)
          Case study by André R. van Heemstra
          Categories: Enterprise Development

          What: Based on the experiences of Unilever, this paper maintains that there are a number of pre-conditions to ensure proper delivery of mutual benefits for both TNCs and SMEs. TNCs should focus on the long-term horizon in order to bring about an appropriate balance between give and take. On the taking side, there are the profits which are often remitted to shareholders far away.. On the giving side, there are the products and services which TNCs provide, employment creation, and the transfer of skills and technology. As far as SMEs are concerned, they should display a hunger for upgrading and should be eager to pick up those activities which TNCs are prepared to shed. Who: Useful for anyone teaching and/or studying synergy between TNCs and SMEs. How: Can be used as a background reading of a TNC's experience.