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          Trade Facilitation Beyond the Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Regional Practices, Customs Valuation and Other Emerging Issues (English)
          Working paper by Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT), 2007, 333 pages
          Categories: Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements, Trade Facilitation, WTO Issues/Multilateral Trading System

          The series of studies provides an overview of trade facilitation in the Asia-Pacific region, both in relation to WTO negotiations and regional and bilateral trade initiatives and agreements. Of particular interest is the information about how trade facilitation is being handled by different regional trade initiatives. Other studies look in greater detail at some broader aspects of concern to exporters and importers, such as rules of origin and customs valuation (a comparative analysis of customs valuation in India, Nepal and Fiji). The collection also contains two studies which focus more broadly on trade logistics - one examining the relationship between liberalization in the logistics sector in Australia and trade facilitation, and the other estimating the effects of trade transaction costs, including transport costs and underdeveloped infrastructure, on bilateral trade flows of 10 Asian developing countries. The value of different studies included in the collection is among others in the empirical data and information about the region that they present. Finally, the concluding chapter provides policy recommendations with regard to a meaningful multilateral agreement on trade facilitation.