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          MDG Report 2012: Assessing Progress in Africa Toward the Millennium Development Goals (English)
          Report by AUC, UNECA, AfDB, UNDP, 2012, 184 pages
          Categories: Finance for Development, Globalization and Development Strategies, Trade and Poverty

          This report looks at the situation in Africa three years to the MDG 2015 deadline. It shows that progress has been made in primary school enrolment, gender parity in primary school enrolment, the proportion of seats held by women in national parliament and HIV and AIDS prevalence rates. It notes a slow decline in child mortality and highlights important gains in the areas of health and education, but these are hindered by poor quality and access. In spite of this progress, Africa still faces the challenges of addressing pervasive income inequalities, creating decent jobs, access to health and sanitation services. The report concludes by presenting the emerging perspectives on the post-2015 agenda.