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          Intellectual Property Provisions of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements in light of U.S. Federal Law (English)
          Case study by Abbott, Frederick M., 2006, 36 pages
          Categories: International Economic Law, Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements

          What: This paper examines recent regional and bilateral Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) from the perspective of the United States law and policies. It also analyzes crucial and sensitive issues in these agreements in light of the background provided by U.S. regulatory and case law experience. One of the lessons of the paper is that existing differences in the capacity of the United States and many developing countries to create and manage legal infrastructure may lead to a disparity in the way FTA rules are implemented. How: Useful to highlight the intellectual property provisions of bilateral and regional trade agreements in international economics classes. Who: Lecturers and researchers in the area of intellectual property rights, particularly when put into the context of trade agreements