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          O Regionalismo No Século XXI: Comércio, Regulação E Política (English)
          Discussion paper by Machado Oliveira, Ivan Tiago, 2012, 36 pages
          Categories: Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements, VI Members Research

          This paper aims to analyze how the waves of regionalism represented changes in the way trade policy has been conducted, expanding the game of political negotiation with variable geometry and determining its influence on the political regulation of international trade. To do so, the concept and a typology of regionalism in its economic bases are presented. Moreover, the relation between the rules of the multilateral trade regime and those of regional agreements will be explored by analyzing the proliferation of the latter and the tensions, antagonisms and complementarities between regionalism and multilateralism. Finally, the waves of regionalism and some of the most relevant theoretical and analytical approaches that seek to explain them will be presented in order to shed light on the study of regionalism in trade policy strategies within the framework of a new political regulation of international trade in the 21st century.

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          A Regulação Do Comércio Internacional Agrícola: Histórico E Perspectivas
          Discussion paper by Machado Oliveira, Ivan Tiago, 2011, 36 pages
          Categories: VI Members Research, WTO Issues/Multilateral Trading System

          This paper analyzes the multilateral regulation of international trade in agriculture from the GATT/1947 to the Doha Round, under the auspices of the WTO. From a historical-analytical perspective, the international context in which the multilateral system has been built is presented taking into account how the agricultural agenda has been introduced in the system. Furthermore, the conflicts and negotiations among developing and developed countries are analyzed in order to observe the relationship between international agricultural trade and economic development. Finally, we discuss the current round of multilateral negotiations, the Doha Round, and its relevance for developing countries, focusing on agricultural negotiations, considered the center of the multilateral negotiating process. Este texto analisa a regulação multilateral do comércio internacional agrícola desde o GATT/1947 até a Rodada Doha, já sob os auspícios da OMC. Sob uma ótica históricoanalítica, faz-se uma apresentação do contexto internacional no qual o sistema multilateral foi construído e identificam-se as interações entre a formação do sistema e a inserção da temática agrícola nas regras multilaterais no pós-Segunda Guerra Mundial. Ademais, uma análise das lógicas de conflitos e negociação entre os países em desenvolvimento e os desenvolvidos é apresentada no sentido de se observar a relação entre o comércio internacional agrícola e o desenvolvimento econômico. Por fim, são realizadas análises sobre a atual rodada de negociações multilaterais, a Rodada Doha, e sua relevância na ótica dos países em desenvolvimento, tendo em vista as negociações agrícolas, colocadas no centro do processo negociador multilateral.