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          Economists and Lawyers Working Together. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Policy Orientated Researches in the Fields of Foreign Investments and Economic Development
          Working paper by Michele Barbieri, 2010, 31 pages
          Categories: International Economic Law, Investment, VI Members Research

          The objective of the paper is to describe a methodology which can be applied in policy orientated researches on the following topic: the impact international investment agreements (IIAs) have on the relation between foreign investments on one side and economic development of the host States on the other side. The researches which adopt such method should provide guidance to policymakers of host States as to the way they can simultaneously achieve the following goals: to attract foreign investments and to fully benefit from them, to preserve their ability to adopt and maintain policies for the promotion of domestic development, to maximise the consistency of such policies with applicable IIAs. The peculiarity of the methodology consists in its multidisciplinary approach, which combines the efforts of economists and legal experts both.

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          Financial Regulation and Management of the Legal Risk. the Case of Alternative Investment Funds in the Eu. (English)
          Working paper by Michele Barbieri, 2018, 48 pages
          Categories: Finance for Development, International Financial System

          The last decade has witnessed a sharp increase of the regulatory requirements applicable to investment funds, in an attempt to ensure that their operations do not undermine financial stability but, on the contrary, might be beneficial to economic growth both in developing and developed countries. The increase of fund regulation, and of its complexity, has made it imperative for investment funds to develop appropriate systems and tools to properly manage legal risks. The paper presents a methodology that may be used to identify, in the alternative fund management industry, which are the main legal risks arising in each phase of the fund lifecycle. Furthermore, the paper indicates how these legal risks could be properly detected and mitigated.

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          The International Regulation of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Which Role for the European Union? (English)
          Article by Michele Barbieri, 2009
          Categories: International Economic Law, VI Members Research

          The object of this paper is to review the existing international instruments providing for standards and principles applicable to SWFs, to their investments and to the policies adopted by recipient States. The analyse will be carried out from the point of view of the European Union (EU), i. e. paying particular attention to the participation of the EU in the works of the IMF and the OECD in the elaboration of such instruments.

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          Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Principle of State Immunity from Taxation. Which Implications for Economic Development? (English)
          Article by Michele Barbieri, 2010, 32 pages
          Categories: International Economic Law, VI Members Research

          Taxes levied by host States on transnational investments undertaken in their territory by Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) owned by other countries have a relevant impact on the financial performance of SWFs and, finally, on the amount of wealth available to the States owning SWFs. As most owners of SWFs are developing countries and economies in transition and as SWFs are tools such States can use to promote sustainable economic development, the taxation of SWFs by host countries often has an impact on the developmental policies of the States which own SWFs. Starting from the analysis of the principle of State immunity, the paper will try to elaborate a theory on the taxation of SWFs which at the same time takes into consideration the role that SWFs play in the promotion of economic development.