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          Organic fruit and vegetables from the tropics: Market, certification and production information for producers and international trading companies (English)
          Discussion paper by Montek S. Ahluwalia, 2000, 26 pages
          Categories: Commodities

          What: The purpose of this discussion paper is to evaluate the impact of developments on the relative roles of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in the future. Initially the paper provides a brief overview of the changing roles of the Fund and the Bank and it then summarizes why the crises of the 1990s are fundamentally different from earlier episodes of balance-of-payments difficulties and therefore calls for very different responses. It also discusses some of the main elements which have been proposed as part of the new financial architecture and examines their implications for the roles of the Fund and the Bank. Finally the paper presents a summary assessment of various proposals for improving coordination between the Fund and the Bank. Who: For a lecturer or research work on the roles of the international financial institutions. How: Can be used as a background reading material on the relative roles and overlaps of IMF and the World Bank.