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          Drivers of Industrial Competitiveness in Tanzania: A Capability and Sectoral Approach (English)
          Presentation by Manuel Albaladejo, Queen Elizabeth House University of Oxford , 2004, 23 pages
          Categories: Competitiveness, Globalization and Development Strategies

          What: A presentation made in 2003 to an UNCTAD Expert Meeting giving an analysis of the competitiveness of different sectors in Tanzania. It gives an overview of growth in both the manufacturing and other sectors in Tanzania before looking at some of the reasons for underperformance and suggesting possible capacity upgrading strategies. Who: Useful to anyone concerned with economic development in Tanzania but also African LDCs more generally, particularly regarding policy options How: This presentation provides a good example of how to use empirical data to draw out specific policy inclusions and with additional background reading on could be the basis of an excellent country case study.