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          Labour Standards and ILO’s Effectiveness in the Governance of Globalization (English)
          Discussion paper by Onida, Fabrizio - Università Bocconi, 2008
          Categories: VI Members Research

          The paper reviews International Labor Office (ILO)’s historical milestones, covering the main Conventions on labour standards. Then the paper focuses on ILO’s main duties as a supervisor of labour markets conditions and as an agent and direct player with local governments: designing appropriate policies for a “decent work” agenda in the world, pushing for the widest possible adoption of the Conventions themselves by member countries, monitoring compliance of those standards, promoting bilateral and multilateral actions with governments aimed at correcting major violations of these standards. Special emphasis is given to possible improvements in the effectiveness of ILO’s procedures and initiatives, under the assumption that actions based on positive incentives are far more plausible and effective than negative sanctions. The final section summarizes major conclusions and recommendations that have been approved by CNEL's (National Council of Economy and Labour) general assembly on June 5, 2008, also in view of the annual meeting of AICESIS (International Association of Economic and Social Councils) held in Rome on June 12, 2008.