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          Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanism (Ttfmm) in Bangladesh- Baseline Study (English)
          Report by Tengfei Wang, Mohammad Farhad, 2017, 77 pages
          Categories: Trade Facilitation

          As the key outcome of the baseline study of Trade and Transport Facilitation Monitoring Mechanism (TTFMM) in Bangladesh, the current synthesis report is derived from a series of studies carried out by the same project team and is targeted for policy makers, governmental officials, and the general public. Given the nature of the baseline study, the current report is aimed to not only report current trade facilitation in Bangladesh but also to lay a foundation for future studies and the establishment of long-term sustainable TTFMM. Accordingly, this report covers topics such as the importance of trade facilitation, the crucial role of TTFMM for continued improvement of trade facilitation, the key methodology for data collection called Business Process Analysis Plus (BPA+), and the rationale for defining the scope of monitoring.