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          Quantification of non-tariff measures (English)
          Discussion paper by Bijit Bora, Aki Kuwahara, Sam Laird - UNCTAD, 2002, 47 pages
          Categories: Trade Policy Analysis and Trade Data Sources

          What: An UNCTAD discussion paper providing an extensive review of literature regarding the classification of non-tariff measures and quantification of their effects. Contains also an example of calculating NTM incidence using the UNCTAD Trade Analysis and Information System (TRAINS) database. Who: Teachers and students of international trade/trade policy, trade data analysis and anyone interested in learning more about NTBs. How: Can be used as a kind of a manual on the issue. Provides a well-structured and comprehensive overview of NTMs (classification in section II and an explanation in the Annex), and a detailed review of various approaches towards measuring their effects (inventory approach, modelling approaches, tariff and subsidy equivalents, trade restrictiveness index, effective protection). Particularly useful is an extensive list of references featuring main papers dealing with the issue.