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          Developing Countries and Their Natural Resources. From the Elaboration of the Principle of Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources to the Creation of Sovereign Wealth Funds (English)
          Article by Barbieri, Michele, 2009
          Categories: International Economic Law, Investment, VI Members Research

          The paper will study, mainly under the point of view of international law, the relation between natural resources, foreign investments and economic development in third world countries, focusing on the role the principle of permanent sovereignty over natural resources has played, and still can play, in this context. It will try to propose a notion of the right of peoples over natural resources which takes into account the recent developments of international environmental law and of international investment law (the latter being represented in particular by the increase of bilateral investment treaties in force). It will finally prove that the creation of sovereign wealth funds by developing countries can represent a new tool to ensure the promotion of the right of peoples to sovereignty over natural resources and it will investigate the importance that transparency of sovereign wealth funds might have to this purpose.