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          Trade and Climate Change (English)
          Report by WTO / UNEP, 2009, 194 pages
          Categories: Trade and Environment

          Mitigating global warming and adapting to its consequences will require major economic investment and, above all, unequivocal determination on the part of policy-makers. This joint report of the WTO Secretariat and the UNEP reviews how trade and climate change policies interact and how they can be mutually supportive. It examines the intersections between trade and climate change from four different but correlated perspectives: - the science of climate change, - trade theory, - multilateral efforts to tackle climate change, and - national climate change policies and their effect on trade. The report also reviews extensively two particular types of pricing mechanisms that have been used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: taxes and emissions trading systems. Furthermore, it emphasises the need for a scientifically-credible and equitable deal at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen at the end of this year.