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          Participation Of Non-state Actors In Formulation Of Trade Policy In Vietnam (English)
          Working paper by Dao Ngoc Tien, Nguyen Quynh Huong, Nguyen Thu Hang, Ngo Chi Le, 2013, 70 pages
          Categories: Globalization and Development Strategies, VI Members Research

          Vietnam has laid the initial legal foundation for consultation in trade policy development. The current consultation of trade policy in Vietnam can be divided into 3 layers, based on relationships between the bodies. The core layer with frequent and effective consultation includes those currently working in state sector, including government research institutes. At the centre of this core layer is the operation of MoIT as the main ministry relating to trade policy and NCIEC as the inter-ministries coordinating agency. However, this should not be considered as the consultation as all the actors are government with different policy making authority. Expanding from this core, the second layer will includes those are former governmental officials (head of business associations) and VCCI, which has a “special” relation with government. It is a part of business-focus consultation as it only allows indirect interaction rather than direct between enterprises and government.