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          EU Financial Market Reform: Status and Prospects (English)
          Case study by Dullien, Sebastian; Herr, Hansjörg/ HTW, 2010, 19 pages
          Categories: International Financial System, Macroeconomic Policy, VI Members Research

          The financial and economic crisis has made it clear that the financial markets are in need of far-reaching reform and more effective regulation. Since the most pressing dangers have been averted and the economy in most industrialised countries is clear of recession, however, the topic of financial market regulation has largely disappeared from the public gaze. Having said that, a great deal is happening in the background with regard to financial market regulation, including at the EU level. Against this background, economists Sebastian Dullien and Hansjörg Herr present the current state of the debate in some of the most important areas of EU financial market regulation and ongoing legislative processes and evaluate the most important plans. The authors come to the conclusion that, although the current deliberations on reform are going in the right direction, they are insufficient to ensure the long-term stability of the EU financial system.