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          World Economic Situation and Prospects 2011 - Executive Summary (English)
          Report by DESA,UNCTAD,ECA,ECE,ECLAC,ESCWA,ESCAP, 2011, 13 pages
          Categories: Macroeconomic Policy

          The World Economic Situation and Prospects 2011 analyses the slowdown in economic growth among developed countries as from mid-2010. It highlights the continued challenge posed by high unemployment rates in many economies and outlines a number of risks and uncertainties for the economic outlook such as a premature withdrawal of policy stimulus, increased exchange rate volatility and a renewed widening of global imbalances. Against this background, several policy challenges are discussed in greater detail, including the optimal design of fiscal policies as well as the coordination between fiscal and monetary policies, the provision of sufficient support to developing countries in addressing the fallout from the crisis and the coordination of policy measures at the international level.