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          Paths to 2015: MDG Priorities in Asia and the Pacific (English)
          Report by ESCAP, ADB and UNDP, 2010, 70 pages
          Categories: Finance for Development

          Impending deadlines tend to focus the mind. Back in 2000 the year 2015, which is the target date for the Millennium Development Goals, seemed some way off. Now two thirds of the way towards the finishing line, it is beginning to look uncomfortably close. The year 2010 is therefore an appropriate point to take stock – to assess some of the likely outcomes on present trends, identify some of the weakest areas of performance,and identify priorities for action.This 2010/11 report refreshes the signals to reflect the latest information from the United Nations MDG database to assess which countries and subregions are likely to miss or achieve the Goals. But rather than addressing a new theme, this more concise report attempts to encapsulate and update the discussions and recommendations of the earlier reports. The report Paths to 2015 emphasises the inter relationships between MDGs by identifying some overall priorities and opportunities that countries can consider for achieving all the goals. Then it focuses specifically on three areas: hunger and food security; health and basic services – areas where the Asia-Pacific region as a whole appears to be falling short; and on improvement of basic infrastructure which is often neglected but is critical if the region is to achieve the MDGs.