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          Markets, Politics and Globalization: Can the Global Economy be Civilized? (English)
          Presentation by Gerald Karl Helleiner, University of Toronto, 2000, 25 pages
          Categories: Globalization and Development Strategies

          What: This paper looks at the rules and institutions that govern the functioning of the emerging global economy. The paper argues that the new and complex fabric of governance that globalization has created fails to meet the needs of developing countries. The paper examines the way in which global markets work, analyzing the critical role of politics in economic policy and highlighting the imperfections in the current system of global economic governance. The paper concludes with suggestions on changes that are needed for the system of global economic governance to be more equitable. Who: Can be used by a lecturer on a course on governance, globalization and general WTO issues. How: As a background reading material on issues of global economic governance.