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          The Concept of Odious Debt in Public International Law (English)
          Discussion paper by Howse, Robert, 2007, 31 pages
          Categories: Finance for Development, International Economic Law

          What: The odious debt concept seeks to provide a moral and legal foundation for severing, in Whole or in part, the continuity of legal obligations where the debt in question was contracted by a prior “odious” regime of a country and was used in ways that were not beneficial or were harmful to the interests of the population. The paper examines the odious debt doctrine largely in the context of selected, relevant past or ongoing political transitions; the possibility of ex ante declaration of debt as “odious” is, however, discussed briefly in chapter V in relation to private and governmental creditors. How: The paper can be used as a reference for the issue of odious debt in classes on international law. Who: Faculty teaching international law.