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          Dynamics of Human Trafficking: The Colombia-east Asia Case (English)
          Article by Hurtado, Monica and Pereira-Villa, Catherine Universidad de La Sabana, 2012
          Categories: VI Members Research

          This study characterizes the dynamics of transnational trafficking in humans for commercial sexual exploitation from a business dimension. Based on a review of Colombian judicial records (2005-2011), this study analyses the interaction between victims, traffickers and intermediaries involved in cases of trafficking between Colombia and East Asia. This research argues that victims occasionally have a double-condition for a trafficking network: on the one hand, they are subjects to the extent that they make decisions; and on the other, they are objects as they cannot exercise their free will. Since victims make decisions based on asymmetric information, this facilitates their exploitation and explains in part why trafficking in persons is both a profitable and growing illegal business. Among other topics, this study estimates the profits obtained by a network by exploiting a Colombian victim in Hong Kong or Singapore, and suggests criteria to evaluate exploitation.